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Summer Self Love Linkup {Week 3}

Once again, I’m linking up with Christine for Summer Self Love. The idea is this – you do your best to share some things about yourself from this week that you love. Not just things that have happened to you that you love, but things about YOU that you love. There are far too many people who don’t love themselves and don’t see the good things about them. By participating in this linkup every Friday, I hope to help model accepting and sharing the good things about ourselves.

This Week I’m Loving …

… how good I’ve been about eating plenty of fruits and vegetables the past few days.
… that my hair is starting to seem a little less dead.
… that I seem to have found a good book to teach for the first 9 weeks. Crossing my fingers that it works out!
… how I look with bronzer. AKA not terrifyingly pale. (The reaction from a doctor last week: “You’re really pale. Like, really really pale.” #anemiaproblems)
… on that note, that my blood counts are all stable. I’m still solidly anemic, but I’m not worse, which is good, because worse is bad. (Wow. And I call myself an author. Sorry about my poor word choice there.)
One thing I’ve noticed the past 3 weeks is that coming up with these lists is HARD. Way harder than I expected! I consider myself a fairly confident individual, but bragging on myself counters my instincts to keep it to myself. Why should we always keep it to ourselves, though? We’re awesome, and everyone should know it!
So join in, link up, and model good behavior. Even if you just share one thing – like “I love how I look in my Lilly dress” for Wear Your Lilly Day. 
Happy first official day of summer!
PS – I’m wicked close to 100 followers on Twitter. If you’re the 100th follower, I’ll give you a shout out!
PPS – You should definitely follow me on Twitter because that gives you an entry option for the giveaway I’m participating in. 

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