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Surgery, Infusion, Grad School, and More

Things have been … interesting … around here the past few weeks since my surgery. Here’s what has been going on!

Look at this goober. I wish I was as happy as he was in the Maine snow this weekend.

– Recovery from knee surgery is going relatively well. I say relatively because, due to insurance issues, I’ve only had 1 physical therapy appointment when I should have had 4-6 by now. Hopefully that will change next week. Also, I pulled a muscle in my knee on Tuesday morning, so I feel like I’ve been set back 1-2 weeks.

– Since my surgery, I’ve been on a hardcore elimination diet. As in, I’m only allowed to eat chicken, fish, turkey, vegetables, brown rice, and sweet potato. And I start my day with 1.5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water. And I’m now taking 40 pills a day – 20 of them are supplements. Starting tomorrow, I get to test a whole bunch of foods to see if I have a sensitivity to them. This includes red meat, eggs, corn, soy, certain nuts, etc. … and testing each will take 24-72 hours to test, so it will take a couple of weeks to figure this thing out. As to what happens after that regarding this diet, well that’s still up in the air. I’m miserable. I miss coffee and chocolate. I hate this. But I do want to know if my immune system will freak out over any foods other than gluten and dairy, so that’s the only thing keeping me on it right now.

– I haven’t been the happiest camper recently with the above going on. Tuesday was a miserable day where I was very close to an anxiety attack the majority of the day. And with the diet, I don’t have the things that would make me much happier (a chocolate cupcake or a nice latte).

– BUT I did get into graduate school! I’m waiting to hear from one more school before I make my decision, but I got into the one that I really, really wanted to go to, so that’s awesome! I got that news the day after my infusion, which was perfect timing.

Like I said, it has been rough. But I’m on the other side, my knee is fixed, and hopefully things will get better soon.

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