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Talking about Blogging

First of all, thank
, each and every one of you, who responded with kind words and appropriately
directed outrage. It meant so much to me, and to all of you who shared the post
and my story, thank you, as well. Sharing and raising awareness are why I talk
and write and share my story and my experiences. So it means the world to me
that I seem to be making a difference and reaching out to people.
But today, I was really struggling with what to write about (or
last night, rather), which is why this post is a bit late. And then, this
morning, it came to me.
Blogging is a huge part of my life. I consider it a part of
my writing career. Even if I’m not working on my second novel every day, I am writing every day. It’s good practice
for me and it’s good exposure. I talk about it freely with my friends and
family, and the guiding principle behind my writing here is that it would be
totally okay if my students or school administration found it.
… or not?
But then today I realized that I kind of am hiding it. I
love Whitney’s IWYP line, but I haven’t bought a shirt from it yet. I’m not
sure if I would ever wear them (who knows why – they’re great). I’m at a
professional development training today, and we had a “getting to know you”
bingo game. One square was “someone who runs a blog or website.” Someone asked
me, and I said that I didn’t.
Why did I do that? I own up to it overall, and I own up to
it to my coworkers who are also my friends. Yet I just met a complete stranger
and I lied. Why? Isn’t the whole point for me to have an excuse to write
regularly and to possibly gain exposure for my writing and me? Then why am I hurting
those chances?
I don’t have an answer. There really isn’t one. Maybe I’m
not confident it enough about my blog and writing. I make money from blogging
and writing (not much, but some), which makes me a professional writer, so why
am I hurting my “professional” blogging integrity?

Who knows? I don’t have an answer. It’s all very meta,
talking on my blog about not talking about my blog. I think I need another diet
coke to sort all this out. In the meantime, let me know if you have some sort
of answer or idea.

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