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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you’re like me, you’ll be traveling a lot over the holidays. My plan for this afternoon is to pack so I can head out bright and early Wednesday morning. 
I have this problem with packing. I tend to overpack the first round (or two) and then by the time I’m done I’m pretty much tired of packing so things tend to not be the neatest. This unfortunately means more wrinkled clothes than I would like, which can be problematic when I’m traveling for holidays. For this trip, I have to pack for Thanksgiving dinner, a night at a show, plus just out and around Boston. 
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Paul Fredrick’s blog has a great article on keeping your clothes looking good even when you have to travel, and although it’s mostly geared towards men, it still applies to women (I know that most of my readers are women). Here are some of my favorite tips from the article: 
Fold and roll – fold your clothes, tightly roll them, and pack them together. This means that there is less space for your clothes to move around in your suitcase, which means less wrinkles.
Shower with your clothes – when you arrive at your destination, hang them up in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will ease out the wrinkles!
Keep your toiletries separate – wrap items in plastic bags so that they don’t leak, and keep them isolated from clothes if possible! No need to ruin clothes, especially important ones for holidays.
Now, I have a few of my own. When I pack, I always:
Pack by function – I organize my suitcase by item and what I’m using it for. This is especially useful when I get in late and don’t want to have to unpack that night or anything. 
Use the proper suitcase compartments – if your suitcase has a garment bag area/netted area, take advantage of it. No need to shove delicate fabrics in the suitcase if unnecessary.
Some of these tips might make sense to you or seem like common sense. But just in case they aren’t, I hope they helped!
Don’t forget to check out the Paul Fredrick’s article for more tips.

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