The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

The perfect natural makeup look is something lots of women try to achieve. Natural makeup is great for everyday wear; work, shopping, visiting friends, and even for the gym. But how do you create it? You almost want it to look like you’re not wearing anything at all.

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

1. A Really Light Base

A really light base will stop your makeup from looking too cakey or heavy. It’s all about being able to see a hint of your natural skin through the base. Only apply a small amount. In fact, you could consider only applying it where you really need it. Some people only like to use concealer if they have naturally nice skin. If you have problem skin, applying a full coverage foundation is OK. You just need to make sure that you blend it properly. Sigma Beauty Brushes are great for blending and creating a natural look, as they are such high quality.

2. Defined Brows

Defined brows are a must. They help to enhance eyes and shape the face, so you can’t forget to do them for your makeup look! What you do kind of depends on what your eyebrows are like already. If they are nice and full, you can get away with sweeping some brow mascara through them to keep them in place. If you don’t have much there, you may want to use a powder to fill them in and make them look natural. I have a number of different eyebrow products for different looks.

Natural Makeup

3. Curled Lashes

Curled lashes open up the eyes and make them look much more fluttery. If you haven’t got an eyelash curler, you really need to get one! A heated one will last longer, so buy one or heat up a metal one with the hair dryer. Just don’t burn yourself! Apply a few coats of mascara afterwards to finish the look. Remember not to let it go clumpy! Two coats of mascara is plenty.

4. Stained Lips

Stained lips last ages, and they’ll look far more natural than lipstick or lipgloss. It’ll look just like your own lips, but fuller and more ‘alive’! A lip stain is perfect for this, and you can also apply a small amount to your cheeks for a natural look.

5. Highlight

Highlight your best features to add a subtle glow. I like to wear highlighter on the highest point of my cheeks, to create more definition. Make sure you use the right tone for your skin tone too, or your highlighter will stick out like a sore thumb.

A look like this will make your skin look flawless, as well as define and enhance your face in just the right way. People will hardly be able to tell that you’re wearing makeup.

Are there are natural makeup tips that you swear by?

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  • Reply Meghan Farrell

    I love these tips! I like having a light base for everyday looks, but I still want to have my many blemishes covered up, so I mix foundation with a moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer and I have found that it looks so much more natural than straight foundation. Also, I love highlighting…its subtle, but I still feel like it makes such a difference!

    November 18, 2015 at 9:45 am
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