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The Ten Commandments of Chronic Illness

The Ten Commandments of Chronic Illness - Kate the (Almost) Great

1. Thou shall not miss a medication dose.

2. Thou shall research all potential medical providers.

3. Thou shall express thou gratitude to those who help to ensure they know that thou art grateful.

4. Thou shall stand up to medical providers when necessary.

5. Thou shall follow your medical provider’s instructions.

6. Thou shall include prescriptions and medical appointments in thou budget.

7. Thou shall kindly and patiently answer questions or educate people around you.

8. Thou shall put people in their place when they ask stupid questions or say something insulting.

9. Thou shall take time to enjoy the good days and try to keep good spirits during the bad days.

10. Thou shall cut thouself some slack and remind thouself that thou art doing the best thou can.

What commandments would you include?

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