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These are My Confessions

I’m a little bit sleepy on Nyquil right now (I swear, if I have strep throat again, I’m going to make my students disinfect their desks after every class period until April because they keep getting me sick), so we’re just going to do a little stream of conscience confessions tonight. Because I write my posts at night. So this morning for y’all. You get the picture.

I confess …

that I’m in love with fashion magazines

that my room is still a disaster and my nice white desk that I bought in NOVEMBER is still sitting unassembled in my car

I can’t wait to clean up my room and have it look more like this

that I no longer love tacos as much as I used to because of all the fruits and veggies I’ve been eating. My previous favorite food doesn’t appeal to me any more!

that I don’t miss cheese. At all.

that I am so completely and totally overwhelmed right now. Even though I’m still better than I was Thursday night.

that I desperately wish I could go on Blogcation, but definitely can’t. Anyone know of a blogging conference or anything that is this summer (and maybe in the South)?

that I love Photoshop, even if I don’t know how to do a whole lot yet.

that I’m so excited for all of the fun events coming up in the next few months. Beach trip, Military Ball, and possibly a trip to Keeneland!

that I love my students dearly even when they drive me crazy.

that I really, really want my writing to start making me some money. Like even an extra $50 a month would be great. (Who wants to hire me as a freelancer? Anyone?? Email me at if you’re interested…)

that I am days behind in responding to emails. Whoops! (You know who  you are if I owe you one …)

that I have really bad pet fever! It’s like baby fever, but I want a pet.


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