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What Is Happening?

What quickly is becoming a daily routine (on the mornings I don’t wake up wicked early for teaching) is sitting here on our couch watching CNN, drinking coffee, and blogging while I properly wake up. The past week, the news stories on CNN have been about the presidential election in some capacity, but today they unfortunately are focusing on something much sadder.

A recent breaking news update reported that there has been a shooting in NYC outside of the Empire State Building. Why is this happening? I don’t know. Why are innocent people being hurt? I don’t know. Why was the shooter killed? I don’t know (I also don’t know if he/she was killed by police or suicide or what).

It’s awful. This is what, the third major shooting in the US this summer? How awful is that?

What are we don’t that leads to this? Not recognizing the warning signs, not offering help with necessary?

What can WE do to help our country and our people? How can WE change the world?

I want to help students and show them that violence is not the answer. If someone did that to the shooter, would that have stopped it?

I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. But I do know that God knows everything and He has a bigger plan. He will help us. He always does.

Stay safe, y’all.


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