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What Would You Do?

Over the weekend, a friend and I went to get manicures. I’ve been to this place before for pedicures, and it was very nice, so I suggested it. As we were getting our nails done, the woman doing mine clipped my cuticle on one finger too close to a cut I already had and cut another too short. Both started bleeding. The first time it happened, I assured the woman that it wasn’t a problem – the cut on my finger was really close to the nail and I expected it to happen. After the second time, my friend suggested that I ask to get it for free.

I felt really uncomfortable asking for that, but I also feel like I really should have. After all, we had paid and tipped before we got to that point – since it was a manicure and no one wants that to get smudged, they ask that you pay before they start painting your nails. I always tip fairly well, but only for good service. For example, one time when I was out for dinner, I asked for the usual things to be left out of my meal. When they weren’t and the waiter blamed me at first – and then I didn’t get a discount or my dinner for free, which is what usually happens when this sort of thing happens – I didn’t tip him well at all. So the fact that I had already paid and tipped meant that I couldn’t demonstrate my displeasure in my tip.

What do you think? Should I have asked about this or said something?

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