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Where To Find Blog Post Ideas

Whether you’re considering starting a blog or you’ve been writing for a while, at some point you need to figure out where you can get blog post ideas. I’ve been blogging for around 4 years, so I’ve hit periods of blogger’s block many times since I started blogging. Even when I don’t hit blogger’s block, though, I collect a list of blog post ideas in Evernote. But where do I get them?

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Whether you are just starting out or have been blogging for a while, you will probably run out of blog post ideas at some point. Where can you find new ones? This can help you come up with some and includes some tools to help you do so (including 164 blog post ideas).

Where To Find Blog Post Ideas

In your life: There are several ways you can go with this. You can write about what has happened in your life, either as recaps of recent things that have happened or sharing different things that you have experienced. But you can also ask yourself, “What am I an expert in? What lessons have I learned from different events in my life?” Essentially, in this line of post ideas, you are figuring out what your readers can learn from you and your life.

In response to current events: This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are still different ways you can interpret it. You might write about your opinions about something that has happened recently, including everything from celebrity news to events on the news. You can share your opinions on what people wore to an awards show or review the new must-have product.

Online: Other than searching for blog post ideas – and don’t waste your time on that because I have a list of 164 blog post ideas down below – you can get some ideas from various things on the Internet. You can be inspired to do different types of posts based on what other bloggers do. This can be tricky, though; you can’t copy them word-for-word or even post almost the exact same thing as them because that counts as plagiarism. (To learn more, check out my post On Plagiarism in Blogging.) Additionally, if there is a type of post that is trending in blogging or on YouTube, you might write a post about that. For example, there have been a million posts recently about the Nordstrom sale. The only thing you want to consider with this is if the market has been over saturated, like with the Nordstrom sale.

These tools will help you manage different blog post ideas so you never run out.

Tools To Help

Note taking apps – I’ve talked before about how helpful Evernote is for blogging. I use it to keep notes on lots of things, but it’s most helpful for keeping track of blog post ideas. I have the app on my phone so I can add post ideas whenever I think of them, regardless of where I am. My big thing is I think of post ideas all throughout the day based on what I see going on around me, what happens to me, or just random musings. And I can’t guarantee that when I have time to write a post I’ll remember the idea that I had.

Editorial calendar – I think editorial calendars are a must-have for all bloggers. Essentially, they’re a calendar where you decided ahead of time what you’re going to write about. It can be as specific or vague as you want it to be. In mine, I usually label what category I’m going to write about at least a month ahead of time, and I only make specific choices the week or so before. I won’t say more because I wrote an entire post about editorial calendars, but I think that they are a great tool.

Blog post ideas – Still completely drawing a blank at what to post? I have a list of 164 post ideas! You can get that whole list here.

164 Blog Post Ideas

How do you find blog post ideas?

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