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Who Am I?

Now that I quit my job, it’s time to redefine myself. All of the “about” sections of my social media pages include the label of teacher. With that in mind, and taking into consideration that many of you have followed since the last time I introduced myself, I thought I would take today to reintroduce myself. Since I’m not currently a teacher, what else am I?

kate the almost great

1. I am Kate Mitchell. I’m 23 years old. I grew up in Maine and lived in Nashville for 5 years.

2. 4 of those years were spent attending Vanderbilt University. I majored in secondary education and English.

3. While at Vanderbilt, I was involved in Greek life as a sister of Delta Gamma and sang in Vanderbilt University Concert Choir as a soprano. I also volunteered as a tutor at a couple of after-school programs.

Kate the Almost Great
At graduation

4. The last year in Nashville (the one I’m finishing this week) was spent teaching 9th grade English in an urban high school.

5. The only job I’ll be doing over the next few months will be writing, blogging, and (hopefully) tutoring.

6. This is because my health isn’t great. I wrote a more detailed post about it last week, so I won’t rehash it, but if you’re new you should know that I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tarsal coalition, and plica syndrom.

7. I mentioned that I’ll be writing. I’m a published author and am currently working on 2 books. 1 is a book of short stories and the other is a novel.

Aureole by Kate Mitchell

8. I blog because it’s an excellent creative outlet and reason to write every day.

9. I classify this as a lifestyle blog. My main categories are writing/grammar, beauty, health, fashion, and my life.

10. The “my life” category is changing a bit now that I’m taking a few months to get my health under control. I’ll now be talking about what I’m calling “Project Kate.” This will involve getting a first draft of one of my books finished by January, applying to graduate school by October, and rebuilding my life around my health in order to maintain a meaningful and happy life without aiding my immune system in its desire to destroy me.

11. On Thursday, August 7, I’m moving back to New England full time.

12. I’ve started making weekly YouTube videos, which come out on Wednesdays, as another creative outlet in my free time.

13. I love yoga, but can’t do a whole lot with my health issues, mainly my knee.

14. I’m addicted to crime shows.

15. I really enjoy fashion and clothes. My style is mostly classic/preppy. But I’m not confident enough (in my style or in how I look in pictures) to post frequent fashion posts.

16. Similarly, I love playing around with makeup, but I’m not confident enough to make frequent beauty posts.

17. I love to read. I read biographies, historical fiction, literary/contemporary fiction, young adult literature, classic literature, fantasy, and more.

That’s me! I’d love to get to know my readers a bit better. Leave a comment introducing yourself or come introduce yourself on social media!

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