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Why to Try Yoga

I know that there are plenty of people who think that yoga isn’t for them. I’m not saying that regular practice is for everyone – not everything is. But I’m here to help debunk a bias against it you might already have.

1. “I don’t like sitting still for long periods of time. I’m too active.”

Solution: Vinyasa Yoga.


Hold positions for a shorter period of time, moving regularly. A yoga teacher I worked with once told me that these positions are held for 5-10 seconds. This obviously might not be the official number, but it gives you an idea. In my experience, I would barely get settled in a position and then we would switch. The goal is to keep moving.

2. “I would rather sit still for a while. I don’t want to change positions all the times.”

Solution: Yin Yoga.


Hold positions for a longer period of timing, moving rarely. The same yoga teacher told me that these are held for 3-10 minutes. These positions are usually also supported with props so that you don’t hurt your body by holding these positions for so long.

3. “I don’t eat kale or drink green tea.”

Solution: So?

You don’t have to be a super duper health nut to try yoga! You don’t have to start eating or drinking anything new just to ry it, or even to practice it regularly. There’s no contract or rules that go with it.

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  • Reply Tori

    This is great! I love yoga, but was totally hesitant about starting it at first 🙂 How long have you been doing yoga?

    August 28, 2013 at 12:24 pm
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