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A Commentary on Flexibility

Everyone knows that if you seriously plan something and it
absolutely positively without a doubt has to go right, it won’t. Something will
come up, someone will cancel, and everything will be lost. That’s sort of what
happens in teaching. No matter how perfectly you plan your lessons, something
will come up that will change it. It could be an impromptu visit from an
administrator, an assembly, or even a student asking a question that results in
an in-depth conversation. All of these different possibilities actually happen
regularly, and demonstrate how teachers need to be flexible.
Flexibility. A character trait that many of us could use,
not just teachers. Yes, planning is important. I’m one of the first people to
say that – I have at least 3 calendars going at once. (And yes, I do use each
and every one every day.) But being okay with things changing is necessary in
this field and in the world. It doesn’t just apply to teaching. One day there’s
going to be a car accident on the one route you can take to get to work, making
you two hours late to the office, and another day you’re going to get a stomach
bug from a random person at the grocery store.
Take a deep breath. And another. And another. It’s going to
be okay. Go with the flow. It’s hard to accept and deal with, but it’s a skill
that will take you far in life. And if you’re truly flexible and you’re honest
enough to only put that on your resume when you are, it can help you later in
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