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A Little Motivation, Please!

Yikes! How is it Friday already? My two-week break is pretty much over! Especially since I spent not enough time earlier in my break working and now have to finish up my grading before it’s all due on Tuesday. AKA I’m finishing it by Monday morning so that I can start the second quarter in the present and not playing catch up any more. 
I had big plans for my break. I was going to crank out my grading by the end of last week with one professional, in-school day and a day or two of grading outside of school. Then I could plan for the second quarter and rest a little the second week. Great plan, right? Too bad it didn’t happen that way.
I should have thought about this during break!
The first weekend of my break was Vandy homecoming, and I knew that I wouldn’t spend any time doing work then. The next Monday was our professional day, and my body was fighting me every second. No, I’m not talking hangover. I’m talking arthritis and fibromyalgia. It was a struggle for sure. Tuesday was my scheduled day off … which turned into Wednesday, too. (Gotta love the chronic fatigue that goes with chronic pain.) Thursday I went into school and did some grading, but mostly organizing and cleaning, which was still needed.
Last weekend was the wedding in North Carolina, and Monday was grading and errands. Tuesday was a BIG cleaning day, even though I didn’t get any work done. On Wednesday, I woke up feeling pretty rotten (bad pain day and overall fatigue), and then yesterday I had a 4-hour planning meeting and then some grading. 
Now it’s Friday. I have to get as much grading done as possible, because otherwise I’ll be working for 8 hours on my last few days of vacation (Saturday and Sunday). No thank you!  
I guess I’m just lacking some motivation recently. A part of it comes from being overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. A part of it does come from the chronic fatigue, which gets worse every week. I’m in the last third of my arthritis treatment – it’s every 6 months, and the last 2 months are generally different, especially the last one – since I’m next due at the end of December. I need to dig into my motivation now so that when I start feeling even worse my motivation is already there and/or I’m pretty much all caught up on work. Well, as much as possible. 
I like how school divides my life into 9-week sections. It’s nice to be able to start fresh every quarter and tell myself, “This quarter I’ll be better at grading on time,” “This quarter I’ll assign fewer x assessments,” or even, “This quarter I’ll accept that some days I just need to say ‘I’m done work at 2:15 and I can’t do any more after that right now.'” 
In the meantime, I’m still trying to finish up grading from first quarter. Thank you dear blog readers, to letting me procrastinate a little bit longer today. 
How do you motivate yourself? I need some different kinds of motivation!

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  • Reply carly

    It sounds like you've been busy! I feel like it's so easy to get overwhelmed when there's so much to do & I tend to be terrible at splitting up my time! My biggest thing lately has been reminding myself that tomorrow is another day, so not to stress out over not finishing everything– or (trying) to remind myself that it's never too late to start the day over…

    October 18, 2013 at 1:01 pm
  • Reply Jessica F

    I'm reading this thinking "yep, yep, I do that, and that". I think procrastination is such a normal thing, so don't beat yourself up over it. With that said, I find keeping an agenda with to-do lists at all times helps me. I feel like I have more of an obligation when its all down on paper. Plus, it helps you plan better. Book off those "me" days, and the days to spend with family, etc.

    BTW I love your blog 🙂

    October 18, 2013 at 4:10 pm
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