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A Little Update

Good morning! (Afternoon? Evening? Day? Whatever) I had planned to write this blog post ahead of time, like I always do, but my pain has been incredibly high the past couple of weeks and it’s jamming my creativity and daily ability to function, so that’s great.

1. I was due for my quarterly arthritis infusion a few weeks ago, but due to a scheduling error I’m not having it until next Tuesday.

2. Oh, and that surgery I’m having? Has to be pushed back to February.

3. I’m on a new medication for fibromyalgia, which is slowly starting to help my muscle aches.

4. But a side effect is fatigue, which I already deal with in my high pain.

5. The most basic daily activities – like making breakfast – now feel like running a mile or 5.

6. I’m taking the GRE literature test on Saturday. And I’m not psyched about it. At all.

7. Mostly because it’s extremely specific and difficult, not the least when you’re in a lot of pain.

8. This is NOT to complain. This is to explain what’s going on with me and my life. Because it’s also impacting my creativity, which is incredibly frustrating.

And now that we’ve gone through that …

I’m also very happy to introduce you to the awesome Marielle! 

I’m Marielle, a twenty-seven year old dilettante.  This Flooded Sky is where I write about feminism, travel, culture, life, and assorted rants.  I used to teach English abroad in Asia, so sometimes I indulge in nostalgia.  But I’m bad at a lot of things, so don’t expect tutorials or many helpful tips.  Mostly, I’m a thinker, cynical idealist, connoisseur of irony, and quiet smirker.

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