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Allergies or the Plague?

College is great. It has lots of great new experiences, wonderful new friends, and life-changing new classes. Unfortunately, a new school year also has something else that’s new: germs.

One of the things they don’t really tell you about going back to a place where everyone lives together is that sickness gets passed around fast and easy. So, when I started feeling ill this past week – sore throat, congestion, etc. – I began to fear that I was sick. Not just that I was sick, but that I had caught what we’re calling The Plague.

What makes this illness different than others? Well the main thing is that everyone who has it has the exact same symptoms and then passes it on to everyone that they know. For examples, six of my friends live together. All six of them have caught it, and passed it on to everyone else that they know. So you can understand why I thought that I had it.

Luckily, though, that was not the case. No, I simply am literally allergic to the South. Three years ago, I got retested for allergies, and I am allergic to every kind of tree, flower, grass, pollen, part of nature, etc. that grows down here. Now, even though I knew the cause of my illness, that did not exactly help the not-feeling well component. I’ve been taking Allegra every day, so why did these symptoms still strongly affect me?

The answer is simple. I’ve grown immune to Allegra – and not for the first time, as this happens every five years or so – so this morning, at the suggestion of the lovely Mrs. WASP, I picked up some Zyrtec.

I forgot how much I loved to breathe.

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