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Eating Healthy as a College Student

Hi friends! I have a great guest post for you today about how to eat healthy in college.

Danielle McAnn is a copywriter working with TLC where each meal is a healthier, nutritious and mouthwatering solution for when you simply haven’t got the time or means to cook. When Danielle’s not writing content, she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever for a walk.


Being a
college student is synonymous with bad diet. If you live in a dorm and are
subjected to campus meals, you really don’t have much of a choice when it comes
to your diet. In addition to the campus food, it’s also really easy to get into
the habit of eating bucket loads of pizza and general take out during stressful
study times. Through it may seem that your circumstances aren’t allowing you to
eat healthy,
there are really a few ways to get out of this trap.

with your building about the facilities available. Is there a communal kitchen
or kitchenette? If so, you have the option of making home made meals, they won’t
be the most complex of dishes, but soups and baked veggies are a welcome
healthy addition to any college students diet!

is always a good idea to organise a microwave, hot pot or even a coffee maker
in your dorm room, it instantly opens up your options for home made healthy
meals. The hot pot means you can cook stews and soups, and there are plenty of
recipe books that focus entirely on meals made with hot pots. A microwave may
not be the best way to cook all your meals, but it is an easy way to prepare
steamed veggies, rice and of course any of those delicious meals prepared by
Trader Joe’s. In addition to these cooking appliances, renting a fridge is also
a good idea, and the cost could even be split with room mates if you share.
This way you can store healthy snacks and any leftovers.

Make sure
you are smart about snacking, get into the fruits and veggies, instead of fast
food or packet food. Fruit is often pretty filling and cheap too so it’s one of
the most affordable snack options.

you choose your dorm package, they will probably give you a variety of options
related to how much food is included in the price. They will range from no
included meals, to 3 a day, even more for athletes, so if you are particularly
worried about the standard of food available to you on campus, choose a reduced
included meal plan so you only get the occasional campus meal and prepare the
rest yourself or choose healthy meals off campus. Another option often over
looked is choosing a meal service that offers healthy daily meals like Tender Loving Cuisine.

get you started on your healthy meal plan however, we have a few recipe ideas
for you. Try steaming some veggies and rice, and prepare a simple garlic sauce
and seasoning to add a little flavour. Make a healthy and delicious vegetable
soup using your hotpot or the dorm stove top with celery, garlic, ginger,
parsley, carrot and other veggies. Serve with crunchy sourdough bread to make
it a little more filling, freeze or refrigerate the rest and you’ll be eating
healthy all week!

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