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First of the Last(s)

Today marks the first day of the fall semester classes, which also marks the first day of the last year for the senior year. The education students have an even shorter time period than that: today is the first day of the last semester as a student for those of us who are student teaching in the spring. When/if (I like the sound of “if” better) I go to grad school, I’ll become a student again, but right now I don’t have a definite plan yet so this is my last semester as a student.

This seems absolutely crazy. After 13 years of elementary/middle/high school and 3 years of college, how can I really be embarking on my last semester? Is this really possible?

Now, like pretty much everyone who has ever gone to school for the first day for any grade, I wanted to look nice today. This isn’t all that usually – I usually like looking nice. The difference is that I can’t really do that. In true education class format, we’re not just going to read through the syllabus and then be released. Oh no, we’re getting truly started today, in such a way that we were warned to wear clothes we wouldn’t mind being stained by charcoal.

Well, there goes my ability to really dress up for class. Instead, here is a polyvore of what I would have liked to wear today.

Back to School

If you’re starting school again this fall, have a great first day of school!


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