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Here’s Looking to You, 2013

Well, another year came and went. 2012 was fun, but 2013 is
going to be stellar. I mean, off the
charts. With so much good going on in my life, how can it be anything else?
My Health
As of today, a brand new treatment is fully
in my system and it’s just a matter of time before it starts to work. I had
round 2 of an infusion today (4.5-5 hours in the hospital two weeks after round
1, which involved 5.5-6 hours in the hospital). It isn’t all that fun, but now
it’s just a waiting game. In 1-2 months, I should be feeling tons better. We’re
talking better than I’ve felt in years. With this kicking in by March, I have a
great, pain-reduced year ahead of me. I’ll need to do it again in June/July,
but still. That’s many more months feeling better than I have in a long time.
Student Teaching
This Monday, I start student teaching. After
studying, preparing, and doing some work in classrooms over the past 3.5 years,
it is finally time for me to test what I’ve learned. Starting Monday, I spend
all day, every day, in schools going from observing to teaching full-time. I’ve
been waiting for this since I decided I wanted to be a teacher in high school.
We had student teachers work at my middle and high school, and I knew this
would be a part of the process. Finally, it’s my turn.
Graduation/Next Steps
In May, I graduate from college. I can’t
believe that it’s this year. 2013 has always been this  “ultimate year” kind of deal because of
graduation. Graduating high school was coming, I knew that, but college
graduation has always seemed like an eon away. It’s not any more. It’s right
here, just a few months away. And hopefully I will also be getting a job. I’m
going to be a great teacher, right? Someone should hire me, right?
The second half of the year is kind of a
mystery to me right now, and that’s okay. Hopefully someone will hire me, which
will mean moving officially to a new city. More than that, I have no idea what
is going to happen, and for the first time in a very long time I am more than
okay with that. I’m going to write, do fun things because I’m going to be
feeling better, teach, and begin a new chapter of my life. That’s crazy to me,
but it’s true.
We’ll see what 2013 brings for me, but I know it’s going to
be great. What is 2013 going to bring for you?


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