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Holiday Decorating

Decorating for Christmas is very important to me. This is my 5th year in Nashville, and every year it is hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit because the weather doesn’t feel like December and Christmas to me. We had a storm system come through Thursday to Sunday, and while it left things frosted over and a little icy, it’s not the same thing as a many inches of snow and 20 degree temps. Basically, it’s not Maine. 
Since this is the first year that I’m in Nashville for most of December, though, decorating for Christmas became even more important. I want it to feel like Christmas now, not just for the week of Christmas! I therefore did the logical thing and went to Target, because I’m on a teacher’s budget with student loans. 
Table runner – $12.00
Glass jars – $5.99 each
Gold ornaments – $6.00
Silver and blue ornaments – $4.00 
Star candy dish – $1.00
Merry Christmas sign – $1.00
I hung up Christmas lights across 2 of the walls of our living room, and it made everything brighter!
String lights – $14.00 each
They have lots of different options and way lower prices than that. Given how much space I was working with, and how picky I am about what Christmas lights look like, I opted for this type. 
I love window clings! This snowman and snowflakes are just so cute. 
I actually got this advent calendar last year. I plan to put this light in my window once I get batteries for it! And here is the first Christmas gift I’m giving this season. I love buying presents for other people!
Are you decorating to get into the season? What are you doing?

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