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I Love Long Weekends

I was fortunate to have this past Friday off and therefore experience the joys of a long weekend. More than that, though, I experienced the joys of a productive long weekend.
If you remember how I start off Friday’s post, I unfortunately had an awful pain night Thursday and woke up to a bad day on Friday. This meant that I was stuck on the couch for 90% of Friday and had to lay low for all of Saturday. This could have gone one of two ways. I could either spend all day watching TV and Netflix and do nothing, or I could be productive and get stuff done. Since I was bored by 11:30 AM on Friday, I went the productive route.
Cue tackling a giant pile of grading all day Friday. And I mean it took me ALL day. But boy am I glad to have it done! I’m right on top of all of my grading and am not behind going into the third week of quarter. I can’t begin to explain how good that feels! 
The aftermath of productivity
But I was also productive in another way. I decided to start reaching out to literary agents again to get Aureole published to a wider audience. I mean, I already had all my grading done and I still needed to lay low for all of Saturday, so what else was I supposed to do? (Lay low = an hour at Starbucks and 5 hours on the couch) I researched what I needed to do, some potential agents to reach out to, wrote my query letter, and away it and some excerpts went! I reached out to 5, and if any are interested I will hear in 4-8 weeks. I plan on reaching out to at least 5 more. Hopefully something good will come of this!
Sunday was a day for other kinds of productivity. Getting coffee with one of my best friends, planning out the next couple of weeks for English with a friend/co-worker, cleaning everything, etc., etc. 
My weekend also consisted of a Target trip that resulted in the cashier going, “You’re a teacher, aren’t you.” Yes, teenage cashier, I am indeed a teacher. And yes I know that I look young. It’s because I am. 
On that note, I hope you have an excellent Monday filled with as little stress as possible and as much coffee as you need. Wish me luck with literary agents!

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  • Reply Sara Elizabeth

    fingers crossed on hearing positive things from the agents!!

    November 4, 2013 at 3:22 pm
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