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Party Party Party

I have a funny story for you on this Throwback Thursday. And it stems from a shirt. This shirt, or frat tank, to be exact:

party t-shirt

Now, you see how it says “Party Party Party” on it? Well, that might imply that I’m a crazy, borderline-alcoholic, dance-maniac partier. (I’m not, by the way. I mean, I might be crazy according to some people, but that’s beside the point.)

This shirt is actually … a Jesus shirt.

This is the back:

Catholic t shirt

XP is the Greek symbol for Christ. So this shirt says “Party party party … Jesus is the host.”

Yes, it’s actually a Jesus shirt. You still with me?

Well, last year when I studied abroad in London for the month of May, I left almost all of my clothes in Maine. I have a little sister, and what do sisters do best? Steal the other’s clothes. So she wore this frat tank when out getting ready for prom (mani, pedi, hair, etc.) while I was in London.

And she got lots of comments and dirty looks. Some people even went up to her and said, “Be safe,” and “I’ll be praying for you.” And her reaction was, “What? I’m wearing a Jesus shirt …”

The moral of the story: that’s what you get for stealing my clothes, Em.

I’m kidding. The real moral is: Catholics like to party with Jesus. Oh, and don’t judge a person by what frat tank they’re wearing.

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  • Reply Rebecca

    This made me smile so big this morning! I hope moving is going well! (and you should be receiving your copy of uChic anytime now! Bess received hers yesterday.) xox

    July 18, 2013 at 12:35 pm
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