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Yesterday I wrote a post about the incredible phrase “It’s not a priority.” Well in order to do what’s most important first, you need to figure out your priorities. Today, I’m going to tell you how I go about it.

This might seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it. I look at what’s due first. Yes, I need to write out my lesson plans for Friday’s lesson, but I also need to make the handouts for class on Thursday. Thursday happens first, therefore the higher priority. 
I ask myself: what will take the most time? What do I need to start ahead of time? Do I need to do bits and pieces of it at a time over multiple days? This helps me reduce my workload at one time.
I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous. But at the end of the day, if you simply can’t manage to get something done, ask yourself this. The answer will always (I hope) be “no.” 
At the end of the day, the world will not end if you do not do it.

So remember:
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Also, be sure to check out Hannah’s blog!

I’m Hannah, a girl who loves embracing her red hair.  I’m a college student from MN, studying Speech-Language Pathology. I love talking, Grey’s Anatomy, shopping (especially at Target), taking pictures, and a good cup of Caribou Coffee.  If I could I would wear TOMS shoes and maxi skirts every day of the week.  On my blog, Words as Palindromes, you will read all about this and more! 🙂

You can follow her here:

She has written some great posts recently, including her reaction to The Bachelorette and A-Z of College! Be sure to check her out and follow her!

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  • Reply Karoline

    I love this! I am definitely going to be taking your advice in the coming weeks…I'm spread a little thin between running a school committee campaign, interning at my local food bank, babysitting, and potentially getting a job in the next few weeks. Seriously, this post is just what I needed right now!

    August 8, 2013 at 6:12 pm
  • Reply Kailagh

    It is so true! Some people don't pay attention to due dates and how long things will take. For certain things I will wait last min because I know I will get it done better (like papers) but that doesn't mean I don't do the research before hand. It is so important to plan & plan your time.

    xo. Kailagh

    August 9, 2013 at 2:53 am
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