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Spring Cleaning

There’s no doubt about it – I have been a fairly bad blogger over the past couple of weeks. In fact, this last week I really had no excuse. It was spring break, I was in Boston doing not much, and I really could (and should) have posted. But maybe now?

I have taken the past few days to do a sort of spring cleaning. I change student teaching placements tomorrow, meaning I get a fresh start and I thought that I could use that in some other areas of my life, too.

Step 1: Get more organizing space and label appropriately.

Not particularly pretty, but it does the job.

Step 2: Fill with materials by purpose

You know you’re a language arts teacher when you organize your shelves like this …

Step 3: Enjoy more floorspace!

Doing this seriously cleared up the amount of space I have in my living room. It’s not perfect – I really need more drawers so that I can itemize my arts and crafts supplies – but it works for right now.

What kind of spring cleaning are you doing?


PS. The first picture of the shelves is from Target’s website, and the second one is a picture that I took. My shelves are from Target, too!

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  • Reply Guy Houchins

    I always anticipate the spring season because it's the only time of the year that I re-organize and do a general cleaning. This last spring, I donated clothes that I don't use anymore so I can help charity and free up some closet space. I also bought some plastic bins and I labeled each one of them to know which is which. After cleaning, you'll realize how much trash you've been keeping for the past year. Guy Houchins

    May 21, 2013 at 4:03 pm
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