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Today I’m Thankful

I spent most of the weekend grading and getting caught up on work so that I can spend my long weekend not doing work and spending time with my family. I have 2 days of work and then it’s off to New England! Plus, today marks 1 month until Christmas. How has 2013 flown by so fast? 
I want to set aside some time to acknowledge all of things that I am grateful for right now in the spirit of the holiday. Due to Thursday being actual Thanksgiving, I probably won’t be posting on that particular day, so I thought that I would share this now instead.
Today, I’m thankful. I’m thankful for …

… my family and friends (and that other important person in my life who I pretty much never mention on here but who I’m mentioning now because it’s my Thanksgiving post), because they support me all the time, even when I believe that I probably don’t deserve it.
… my job, and the simple fact that I am physically capable of having a job, because just a year ago I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to work because of my arthritis.
… my medications and my health insurance and my doctors (less than a month until my next round of treatment!). Without them, I would not have been able to graduate on time (or maybe from Vanderbilt at all) and I would not be able to live on my own and have a job. 
… my education. No matter what happens in my life, no one can ever take that away from me. Even if student loans SUCK.
… coffee. This might sounds ridiculous, but I am really grateful for coffee.
… that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family.
… Vanderbilt football. This year we beat Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee! I had a hard time supporting the team at the beginning of the season because of the rape case that happened over the summer, but the awful actions of a few individuals does not reduce the thrill over beating those 3. 
… for the health and happiness of my family and friends. 
This week, I hope you are able to enjoy your time off and spend time celebrating what you are thankful for in your life. 

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    I'm thankful for coffee too!

    November 26, 2013 at 4:44 pm
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