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Updates and Apologies

Many, many things have happened since I last posted. Once again, I find myself apologizing for not posting often enough. I can blame student teaching, I can blame moving, I can blame being utterly exhausted in every single way – all of which are true, for the record – but that does not excuse me from not posting when I said that I would.

So, yes. Many, many apologies. Please don’t hate me. Thank you for still checking out my blog while I’ve been away!

Speaking of which, while I’ve been away, the following happened:

1. I finished student teaching
2. I finished my undergraduate degree
3. I graduated from Vanderbilt University
4. I moved out of Vanderbilt
5. I got a job (no, I’m not saying specifics) teaching 9th grade, and I will be living in Nashville once again
6. I went back to Boston

Well, I think that catches you up. Maybe? We’ll see.

It has been an exciting, thrilling, and exhausting few months. Over the next few ones, I will be preparing to teach, preparing to move, actually moving, and doing everything associated with moving.

The craziness won’t be stopping for a while, and from what I hear, it never truly stops. I’ll do my best to keep posting regularly, and to keep writing regularly, and therefore keep you updated on my absolutely ridiculously crazy post-graduate(!!!) life.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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