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Birthday Week – Vintage Shopping

Welcome to Monday’s edition of Birthday Week posts (2 days! 2 days! 2 days!) – and, in case this isn’t clear, I’m really excited about my birthday. And I would be even if Taylor Swift hadn’t made being 22 cool again.

I kicked it off with an incredible sister date to the SoWa Vintage Market here in Boston.

Even Sunday, there’s a huge open market in the South End. Food trucks, handmade jewelry, wonderful homemade food, farmer’s market, clothes, art, and … vintage. Vintage everything.

In a big warehouse, sellers from all across New England come and sell clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, furniture, art, frames, belt buckles, candlestick holders. Pretty much every single thing you can think of. It was so cool!(Except the temperature was the opposite – it was absolutely sweltering in there. But whatever. The fashionista (I hate that word) in me was dying over the Manolo Blahnik shoes for $42 and beautifully broken in plain leather Coach bags for $50.

I went with my sister, whose sense of style is, I don’t know how to describe it, trendy boho hipster chic? I guess that works. But she pulled out all of these cool clothes from racks where I wouldn’t have been able to found them, let alone have pulled out that pair of shorts and that shirt. But she made everything look incredible.

At the end of every issue of Lucky magazine, someone writes about “My Mom, the Style Icon.” Well, in my life, my mom and my sister are my style icons. My mom is trendy classic, while my sister is trendy boho hipster chic. I’m somewhere in the middle. Classic, preppy, trendy, Mainer, and a little hipster (thanks to my sister and my boyfriend for that last one).

Shopping there with Emily was awesome. It wasn’t just a shopping trip, it was an experience. We both agreed that it was great to spend time together, too, and that we really enjoyed it. It was definitely a great way to kick of my birthday week!

Vintage Shopping

Just a hint at what my style kind of is, and what I wore to go shopping in the heat!

Have a great day! What’s your vintage shopping secret? How do you go about it when you’re there?

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