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I own what’s on here, unless it’s a picture that I got elsewhere, which I only did in my first 1-2 years of blogging.

If you are looking to discuss a partnership, regular sidebar ad, product review, or more, email me at For these other kinds of posts, compensation is discussed on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for a straightforward guest/sponsored post, my average rate is $100, which is based on the average views and shares my posts receive. Please email me so we can discuss what your post would be about, and I can explain how I came to that number to charge.

You should know that I do not respond to people who are looking for free promotion (even if they’re offering to “share my post/page on social media”). I get too many emails and have too little free time to respond to the people who don’t value me and this blog.

If you are looking to write for Kate the (Almost) Great, I do not accept permanent contributors or guest posts.

I am also available for speaking engagements. In that case, I would be best suited for discussing living with chronic pain and illness – both to groups of people who live with it themselves or who will work with people who live it it – blogging, writing, or self-publishing.

Speaking at the Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit in 2017

Speaking at the Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit in 2017

Please be aware – I only promote ideas/events/products that I believe in.

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