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30 Creative Writing Prompts

Hit writer’s block? Just want to try writing something different? Check out these 30 creative writing prompts. They’re all pieces of dialogue that you might want to use at the beginning of your writing or, if you really want to challenge yourself, somewhere in the middle. I hope these pieces of dialogue help you get writing!

Whether you have writer's block of you're just trying to do some writing practice, these 30 creative writing prompts will help get your creative juices flowing.

1. “Please don’t tell me you’re wearing that.”

2. “Why would you want to do that?”

3. “Where can we get that?”

4. “It makes no sense to ride a camel to get there.”

5. “Take the train – it’ll get you to the island faster.”

6. “How can we get away with this?”

7. “I don’t want to ruin my street cred.”

8. “I was in that movie for less than 2 hours and I have 30 missed phone calls.”

9. “Who shot you? I want to buy them a beer.”

10. “That reads like a bad Onion article.”

11. “Why are you acting like the mob?”

12. “You’re being ridiculous. There’s no way I would do that.”

13. “I have big plans for this afternoon.”

14. “Who wants to rob a bank with me?”

15. “I’m trying to get rid of everything.”

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16. “My dream girl just tried to kill me.”

17. “When can you teach me how to fly?”

18. “She looks like an alien.”

19. “Of course you can get married wearing a giant tie-die t-shirt!”

20. “Where are you going to get fifty-thousand dollars that quickly?”

21. “Please tell me you didn’t get another dog when you went out for milk.”

22. “All I want is to have a personal assistant. I’m not trying to be the queen of England.”

23. “Ever think about leaving this dump?”

24. “Why is there a monkey in your office?”

25. “I told you to close up shop.”

26. “There’s no way you broke your leg doing that.”

27. “Yeah, I’d rather jump off a cliff and then stab myself through the eye than do that.”

28. “Think he’ll come to my funeral?”

29. “Why are we at a graveyard at 7 AM on a Saturday?”

30. “You can’t be serious.”

What are your favorite ways to get your creative juices flowing?

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