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Current Events in One Sentence

I haven’t done this in a while (and I’m still toying with the idea of a linkup), but today it’s time for another round of Current Events in One Sentence! Like the title suggests, I have a bunch of current events that I will respond to in one sentence each.

Current Events in One Sentence - Kate the (Almost) Great

47 Senate Republicans sent a letter to the foreign minister of Iran: Are you kidding and are you aware of that little thing called separation of powers?

SAE brothers singing a racist chant on a video: When people say that we shouldn’t address racism anymore because we live in a post-race America, they’re probably adding to the problem, and I think this video proves it.

Officers rescuing a baby from a wrecked car hear, “Help me,” but don’t know what the source is: Are you really going to tell me that there isn’t a higher power?

Unarmed black Wisconsin teen killed by police: There is no reason why this had to happen, and I think many police departments need to examine whether they have a problem like the Ferguson department; it is unlikely that there is only one police department in the entire country that has a (subconscious or conscious) race problem.

Clinton email controversy: I’m over it, can we move on?

Tyga and Kyle Jenner relationship confirmed: Kinda gross, not gonna lie.

What are your opinions (in one sentence!) about these things? 
Comment or write a post of your own!

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    I vote for a linkup..these are my favorites!

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