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And another month has come to a close! It’s hard to believe that we are now about 2/3 done with the year but I am okay with it. September through New Years is my favorite time of the year, so I’m so glad that we are just about there. This month was kind of all over the place; lots of trips to Maine, lots of family time, writing pretty much non-stop, a ton of medical appointments, starting homework for the new semester, and more.

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Sharing what I've been up to, listening to, feeling, reading, and more!

I’m currently …

looking forward to … fall really getting here, being done with grad school, and the new season of Outlander starting in less than 2 weeks – I started my last semester of school yesterday! It’s hard to believe that 2.5 years of hard work is almost over. But I’m so excited for fall weather, especially since my body apparently hates temperatures over 80, and one of my all-time favorite shows comes back on the 10th. You should really be watching Outlander. It has time travel, intense and well-met romance, war drama, and more. It’s based on the book series, which is some of my all-time favorite books.

wearingOld Navy boyfriend shorts, The Future Is Accessible shirt, Make Up Forever foundation, Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter, Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit – If you want a The Future Is Accessible Shirt, they’re available for 10 more days. They come in 5 colors and 17 styles, and you can pick one up here. (Eyebrow quirk comes separately 😉)

Sharing what I've been feeling, hoping for, reading, wearing, and more! Check out where you can get this The Future Is Accessible Shirt, too! Perfect if you are disabled or you care about disabled people.

feeling … excited for the school year, happy that I finally finished writing the first draft of TLM (my second novel) – After YEARS of work, I finally finished the first draft of TLM on Sunday. I’m so excited to have that done – and now I can start editing.

watching … Gotham, Big Brother, CSI.

loving … the fall-ish weather we’ve been having in Boston – Have I mentioned that I don’t like the warmth any more? Give me fall!

listening to … my Working playlist, the new Old Dominion album, Thomas Rhett’s new song Unforgettable.

grateful for … my medical team, but especially my physical therapy and my gynecologist; everyone who has supported me while writing TLM – Every since I started having episodes of multiple ovarian cysts rupturing, I haven’t gone more than 2 months without having an episode. Until now. I started a new medication for my endometriosis (the cause behind the episodes) back in May and I successfully made it to the next dose this month without having another episode. I’m so, so grateful for that. Additionally, I’ve made the progress that I have with my knee recovery thanks to my physical therapist. I’m super grateful for that.

readingThe Bat, The Problem of Pain, and Moonglow for myself and Framely Parsonage and The Woman in White for school. The Bat is a detective novel set in Sydney in the 2000s. It’s the first Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbo and I’m really enjoying it! There are some terms used that aren’t considered okay now (transmisic terms really) because it was written in the 2000s, but overall I enjoy the story. The Problem of Pain was a reread and basically it’s perfect for anyone who has asked the question, “If God is real and good, why do bad things happen in the world?” I’m currently listening to Moonglow on Audible and it’s really engrossing. It’s framed as a memoir of the narrator’s grandfather (might be loosely based on the author’s life; I’m confused on that front) and it’s really interesting, funny, touching, and more. I strongly suggest it.

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