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Five Halloween Things

Happy Friday – and happy Halloween! I’ve been feeling the post-infusion crash the past few days and am a little under the weather today because of it. It is what it is!

1. My Halloween plans include watching Halloween movies today … and that’s it. #crazy

2. BUT I think I’m going to dress up as Clara Oswald today anyway. Because it’s basically wearing clothes I already have (and I’m a brunette with similar hair style), and sounds like fun.

Clara Oswald Gif

3. I can’t believe that we are near the end of 2014 already. I heard somewhere that the reason why time seems to speed up as you go on is every year is a smaller fraction of your life. So when I was 10, the length from my 9th to 10th birthdays was 1/10 of my life. But now that I’m 23, the length from this time last year to today is 1/23. And that makes total sense … and is also kind of terrifying. Anyone else feel the same way?

4. Remember how I took the GRE lit test last weekend? Yeah, I’m taking the general test next week. I can’t wait to be done with these tests and to have my grad school applications done!

5. I completely forgot to include some blog suggestions for you in my October favorites post yesterday. So here we go!

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