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How I Make Doctor’s Appointments Easier + Free Printable

I’ve been a chronic illness patient since I was 10 years old, and this fall I’ll be starting my fifteenth year as one. I have an extensive medical history, I take a ton of medications, I have multiple doctors, and I struggle to remember every little detail. When I go to a new doctor, the forms they have me fill out don’t have enough room for all of my medical problems and medications. And I’ve been to the ER often enough that I worry about going and being unable to communicate my medical history correctly.

So how do I keep track of it all and make appointments easier?

I have all my medical information on one handy sheet. I print off multiple copies, give one to a new office, keep one in my wallet at all times in case of emergency, and make everyone who might need to know of it aware of its existence. It makes my life so much easier, my doctors always appreciate it, and my friends and family are happy knowing it exists in case something bad happens and I’m unable to communicate my medical history. In fact, in college, I went on multiple trips with my choir. They all knew about my health problems, and when they heard that I had this, they were incredibly relieved. In fact, our director requested that I give a copy to the person in charge just in case. It’s that helpful.

And today I’m giving you your own blank one to make your life easier, too.

Download it here and fill it out. Print off a copy for your wallet, bring a copy to your next appointment, or just file away a copy just in case. I can guarantee that it will make your life easier if you’re a chronic illness patient or just a lay person who struggles to remember everything you should.

Again, download it for free here! I hope this helps you. How do you keep track of everything?

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