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I Failed, And That’s Okay

At the end of December, I started talking about meeting my next writing goal. The plan was to write around 30,000 words between January 1, 2016 and January 21, 2016, which was when the spring semester started. But I didn’t meet that goal. In fact, I barely wrote 12,000 words. So today I’m talking about my goal, why I didn’t achieve it, and where I go from here.

I Failed, And That's Okay

Why did I set the goal in the first place? With grad school, my part-time job, and blogging, it can be hard to make significant progress in TLM. My plan was to (hopefully) finish it before the semester started so that I can spend the summer editing and hopefully publish it by the end of the year.

Why didn’t I achieve it? I had several bad pain days (like, a week or more out of my 3 weeks), and I was unable to write on most of them. This meant that I got off the habit of writing every day, and when I did write, even though I tried to catch up, it was nearly impossible with everything else going on in my life. And before I knew it, winter break was done and I hadn’t even made it halfway in my goal. While I agree that you have to make time to work on your goal in order to achieve it, that gets a bit more complicated when you bring chronic illness and pain into the issue.

Why is it okay that I failed? Because I’m not done trying, and because I tried my best when I could. When I was able to, I wrote, and every day that wasn’t a bad pain day, I wrote. Living with a highly active autoimmune disease means you cut yourself some slack and work hard whenever possible.

Where do I go from here? When I have the free time and the spoons, I’m writing. I have a bit of a weird March coming up – I only have 4 or 5 classes the entire month because of spring break and I go to a Catholic school so we have Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday off – so I’m going to try and write a lot then, too. I’m not done trying and I’m not done working. TLM will be finished.

And just a little tease for what I’ve been working on … (for more quotes, follow me on Instagram!)



What do you do when you fail to achieve your goals?

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