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Currently + Ulta Giveaway

Life currently – with an Ulta giveaway at the bottom!

Currently Kate the (Almost) Great

Feeling … overwhelmed by my health stuff, as happens from time to time. I’ve basically been told, “If you completely change approximately twenty items of your life, there is the small chance that you might feel a little better.” Oh, arthritis.

On the other hand, I am also feeling overwhelmed in the best way by the great response to last week’s post The 8 Things a Millennial with Arthritis Wants You To Know. I’m so glad that others can relate to it and not just those with arthritis. I hope that you were able to share it with others to help them better understand you and your life and that it therefore makes a positive difference in your life.

Reading … not enough! I’m almost halfway through The Pillars of the Earth, and it’s really good, but my energy has been decreasing and daily fatigue increasing slowly but surely over the past week or so.

Listening to … a lot of Spotify, especially Top of the Charts and my feel good playlist.

Working on … probably too many projects. I’m finishing my book of short stories – working on revising and editing them now – my new writing website, and getting lots of great guest posts lined up for you all when I’m out of commission next month.

Anticipating … my knee surgery next month! On February 12, my knee that has been giving me problems since April 2011 will finally be fixed. Then, on February 25, I’ll have my next infusion. Hence the guest posts. I’ll be around a little bit, but I would rather have a bunch of awesome posts for you guys than one or two mediocre ones if I have the ability to provide it. Which I do.

What are you guys up to these days? I’d love to hear!

Ulta Giveaway

Ulta Giveaway Kate the (Almost) Great

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