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Tips for Beginning-to-Intermediate Bloggers

Thank you all for the support this week! I’m so grateful for all of you. Heading back to regular programming around here, although obviously there will be a lot of talk about my new life as we go forward. Today, though, I’m giving my tips about blogging to those of you who have already started, but are still trying to figure this crazy hobby out.

tips for bloggers
For the record, this font doesn’t allow for an apostrophe in the word “aren’t” – I haven’t forgotten it

1. Blog regularly. That doesn’t necessarily mean blogging every day or even 5 days a week. Consistent content will really help you, so pick a schedule or goal for posting and stick to it.

2. Respond to your readers. If they comment, make sure you reply to them! It helps build your community. If you’re on Blogger, then you need to make sure you’re responding via email so that they know you responded. If you click “reply” on the actual post, they will not be notified that you responded.

3. On that note, make sure that you’re not a no-reply blogger. That way, when you comment on other people’s blogs, they can respond back to you.

4. Also, comment on other blogs.

5. Have a killer “About Me” page

6. Have social media pages and be active on them

7. Have some sort of goal. Why are you doing this? What do you want to get from it? How will you determine if you’re successful or not?

8. Try your best to have original content. Why would people want to read your blog instead of someone else’s?

Anyone have any other tips you think I should add?

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