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To The Friends and Families of Bloggers

I hope you enjoy this slightly funny tribute to the friends and families of bloggers! Also, make sure you scroll to the bottom for an ad announcement and discount code!

To the Friends and Families of Bloggers - Kate the (Almost) Great
To the friends and families of bloggers, thank you for taking pictures of us. For only rolling your eyes a little when we stop and have to photograph something. For pretending we don’t use too many hashtags in an Instagram caption when we probably do, and for double tapping them anyway.

Thank you for going along with our craft projects or fashion posts or whatever the current project is that’s taking up the living room. For posing for approximately 10 pictures with us until we get just the right one. For eventually getting so used to the entire process that you start to ask, “Do you want me to take a picture? You know, for the blog?”

We’re sorry that we become even more obsessed with social media since we started blogging. We’re sorry for spending way too long on Pinterest and saying that it’s “for the blog” and “it’s basically work.” We’re sorry for taking forever to find just the right caption for Instagram or just the right way to phrase a tweet. (But let’s be real, we’re only a little sorry for some of this … Sorry for that?)

Thank you for accepting this slightly strange hobby where we might seem a little self-centered. Thank you for listening to us talk about bounce rates, monthly unique visitors, and Google analytics in general. Thank you for cheering us up if we don’t get into the ad network we wanted and for celebrating when we do get into them.

Thank you for proofreading and giving your honest opinions on posts and ideas. Thank you for telling us if we have messed something up and for telling us when a post hits it out of the park.

And, of course, thank you for overall putting up with and/or enjoying this hobby that we love so much!

Bloggers – what would you want to say to your friends and families?

ALSO I decided to change my ad spots! The Grande Caramel Latte spot is gone and replaced with Grande Hot Coffee which is (drumroll please) an in-post ad! That’s right, for $10 you can be in every single one of my posts for a month and you can participate in my monthly giveaway. So, quick overview of my ad spots before the discount:

– Tall Iced Coffee: small free button on the sidebar (30 days) $0

– Grande Hot Coffee: in-post ad and option to participate in giveaway (30 days) $10

– Grande Iced Latte: middle sidebar ad, weekly promotion on Twitter, I’ll introduce you in a post, and you get 1 free link in my monthly giveaway (30 days) $10

– Grande Peppermint Mocha: highest placed sidebar ad, weekly promotion on Twitter, I’ll introduce you in a post, and you get 2 free link in my monthly giveaway (60 days) $17

For stats and to buy an add, check out the Advertising page. If you do not use Passionfruit but are still interested, feel free to email me.

For today only, use “ad changes” to get 30% off all ads!

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