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1 Suitcase, 2 Weeks

Some magazines have a section where they show you 30 days worth of outfits with a limited number of pieces, but I’ve always felt a little skeptical of making that happen. Then I moved, and only had a limited number of clothes with me. One part of this is careful packing. Before I went on a 3-week trip back in June, I explained how to pack for that time. Today I’m showing how to take that handful of clothing items and arrange them for 2 weeks.

Travel Fashion Tips

When I moved back to Boston, I only took one suitcase with me on the flight and the rest went in the moving truck. (Mega thanks to my dad and his friend for packing some of my stuff, loading all of it, driving 24.5 hours from Nashville to our house in Maine, and unloading it! You’re both the best and it literally couldn’t have happened without you.) This suitcase needed to last me about 2 weeks.

I needed to plan for temperatures from 65-85, feeling warmer or hotter depending on the rain or sun. In these outfit pictures, I left out the ad-ons and accessories for the most part. I mostly want to give you an idea of how you could work items like this into 13 different outfits. The key, as I explained in my post about packing for a 3-week trip, is picking out neutral pieces and building off of them.

Travel Fashion Tips

Want an idea of where I got similar items?

Add-ons (some pictured): light cardigan, heavier cardigan, hoodie
Accessories (not pictured): light scarf

What are your fashion tips for traveling? I’d love to hear them!

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