A Life Update

Things have been a little crazy around here. I’m starting the process for final exams, I’m waiting on my most recent infusion to kick in, and more. So I thought that it was time for a little life update.

A Life Update - Kate the (Almost) Great

Life Update

Health: Hanging in there, but not doing great. I had my infusion at the end of October and I’m just waiting now for it to kick in. This means that my pain is very high pretty much all of the time. On the plus side, my iron infusion seems to have worked! My blood work at the end of October looked so great that my rheumatologist used an exclamation point (this is a big freaking deal)! My blood and iron counts still aren’t within normal range, but there’s still hope. I seem the hematologist next week, and from now on it just looks like monitoring my blood counts – which we do anyway because we have to make sure that my organs keep working and my white blood cells don’t nose dive thanks to my medications – and seeing how long the iron infusion works. I could need an iron infusion every couple of months or never again. No idea yet.

School: We are in the midst of finals since this is grad school. I have research to do and outlines to make for 2 papers, both of which will be 15-20 pages. Things are going okay. The problem is that grad school, working, and serious autoimmune disease is a lot to all manage. It’s so discouraging to love what you’re studying but feel so awful doing any of it.

General Stuff: We’re moving! Still living with my parents (that’s what happens when you have health issues and are paying for grad school), but we are moving to another place within our same neighborhood. So get ready to hear a lot about that over the next couple of months!

Currently …

reading: Edward II by Christopher Marlowe for class and I just loved it

watching: beauty videos on YouTube and rewatching Blue Bloods on Netflix

wearing: pixie pants from J.Crew (my absolute favorites), oversized sweaters, and new glasses from Firmoo (see below!)

feeling: tired, like the deep, emotional exhaustion that comes with living in constant pain

wanting: a book deal and a working body

drinking: coffee, duh

Currently Wearing

Preppy Glasses from Firmoo

Preppy Glasses from Firmoo

Pants | Sweater | Glasses | Sneakers

These pants are the best item of clothing that I have ever bought. They’re not cheap, but they are so comfortable and high quality. I recommend them to everyone! I picked up this sweater from Primark in September, and it’s so comfortable.

And, of course, let’s talk about my classes. Ever since an eczema outbreak under one of my eyes in September, I’ve been wearing my glasses the majority of the time. The eczema has since cleared up, but my eyes still are very uncomfortable. I’m heading to the optometrist tomorrow to figure out what’s going on, but hopefully I just need to change contact brands. In the mean time, I’m so obsessed with the glasses Firmoo sent me! I loved the pair they sent in May, but these are even more me. Firmoo has so many great styles and they’re not expensive, so if you want to change your frames without spending a fortune, I’d go with them. Even if I get contacts that aren’t uncomfortable, I’ll still be wearing my glasses a lot because I love them so much! Check Firmoo out, especially their page of daily new arrivals, and new customers can get 15% off their first pair. See what they have available and maybe you’ll find frames that make you a glasses person.

I was sent these glasses for free in change for an honest review. All opinions are mine. There are also some links in this post that are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on them and purchase something, I will receive a very small profit. If you have any questions, check out my disclosure policy. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Kate the (Almost) Great possible!
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  • Reply Chelsea

    You look adorable in those glasses! Glad to hear that the iron seems to be doing it’s job!

    November 11, 2015 at 9:47 am
  • Reply The Grits

    It makes me sad to read that you are in so much pain. I’m hoping your infusion kicks in sooner rather than later! On the positive side you look gorgeous and so sophisticated in the glasses!

    November 11, 2015 at 5:40 pm
  • Reply Emily of Em Busy Living

    The glasses look great on you!

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much all at one time. I hope your health matters become more manageable sometime soon. Good luck writing your papers!

    November 11, 2015 at 8:00 pm
  • Reply Meghan

    Sounds like a lot on your plate! Sorry to hear about the extreme pain, that’s never a good thing 🙁 Also, Blue Bloods is probably my favorite show on TV at the moment!

    November 12, 2015 at 10:48 am
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