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Cafe Nero: A Place Like Home

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah Parker Cotham with Parker the Prepster. I am so honored to share one of my favorite spots in Boston on Kate’s blog. I hope you enjoy my personal obsession with Cafe Nero!

It’s a rare occurrence when you find a place so cozy and so special that it feels like home. Home. What comes to mind when you say the word “home”? I’m in my fifth year of leaving the nest and have moved five times during those five years. This is a common trend for 20 somethings, but at times I wonder if I’m the only one longing for that feeling of “home”. A home is a special place. A place where you find love and a sense of belonging. My father, an avid reader designed built-in bookshelves and filled the walls with books. My mother, a coffee addict, caused our 161 year old house to constantly smell of fresh coffee beans. Sadly my parents sold this coastal property last spring and I have felt an overwhelming desire to find a space to fill this void. My 480 square foot apartment in the Fenway is slowly beginning to feel more and more like a home, especially since I was married in November. However, when I stepped into Cafe Nero, I felt at peace…









The walls are lined with books, the atmosphere is filled with the smell of fresh ground coffee, and the decor feels like a mix of the industrial age and the library in Beauty and the Beast. I ordered a hot apple cider, sat at a long unfinished wood table, and stared at bundled Bostonians on a snowy Washington Street. It was that perfect Saturday moment in time and I knew that I would look back on it fondly, perhaps on a stressful Wednesday at work. More than anything, I was elated to find a place that felt like home. You must check out this comfortable cafe! Cafe Nero can be found at 560 Washington Street near Downtown Crossing. Thanks for reading and have a great week! Xoxo!

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  • Reply Julia

    What a great, cozy looking place! I love finding places like that!

    February 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm
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