Doctor Who Companion Halloween Costumes

I was getting caught up on Doctor Who episodes yesterday and had the brilliant idea that I could be Clara Oswald for Halloween (if, you know, I wasn’t going to be recovering from today’s infusion for the rest of the week and most likely unable to actually do anything for Halloween). Which brought me to the idea for today’s post – Doctor Who companion costumes out of clothes you already have.

Doctor Who companion costumes


Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald Costume
Image Source
– blue dress
– tights
– cardigan

Amy Pond

Amy Pond Costume
Image Source
– red sweater
– miniskirt
– tights
– converse

Donna Noble

Image Source
– wide-legged pants
– gray top
– purple tank
– belt
– long-ish jacket

Martha Jones

Martha Jones Costume
– wide-legged (or at least straight-legged) jeans
– brown leather jacket
– tank

Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler Costume
– black leather jacket
– purple tank
– blank pants

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