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Happy Tuesday! In my quest for a more organized life – specifically, a more organized blog life – I have put together a blog binder to keep all my information, statistics, plans, goals, to-do lists, and more in one place. I got a lot of pages for it just off of Pinterest or Google, but I was not loving a lot of the calendar options. They tended to not have enough space for me to actually write anything in them!

Free blog printables

First up – September 2014 calendar. There is enough space for you to write your post ideas and your goals for the month.

September 2014 calendar printable

I have it in 3 color combinations – blue and green, pink and green, and pink and cyan. Download for free!

Next up – for all you bloggers out there, I have a week calendar with reminders to write, proofread, make an image, schedule (if you do that), and promote it. AND there’s space for you to add notes on your goals for the week, what’s coming up, and reminders to yourself. Don’t want to print off one of these each week? Print off one (or four for the month), put it inside a page protector, and write on it using a whiteboard marker.

Right now, I only have it in one color combination. If you would like other color options, let me know, and I may offer others in the future! Get in blue and green here.

Printable Weekly Calendar

Finally – I have a 2 week calendar with the same daily reminders as the one above. I also have this is just one color combination, and I have the same suggestion here as I do with the other one: print off one or two of these, put ’em in page protectors, and write on them with white board marker. Saves a lot of paper!

Get it here in blue and green.

Printable 2 Week Blogger Calendar

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