What’s in My Bag for Graduate School?

It’s September, and I’m in the midst of my fifth and last semester of graduate school! It has been a long time coming, and I like to think that I’ve learned a lot over the last few years. One of the non-academic things I’ve learned is what I actually need for class. Whether you’re in college or grad school and want to see what I carry or you just feel like being nosy, I hope you enjoy this post!

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Whether you're starting grad school and are looking for what you need or if you're just feeling nosy, check out my post about what I bring with me to school

Bag – As a Cure Arthritis Ambassador for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, I was lucky enough for them to send me this great bag last year. It’s super great because it holds everything I need, but it manages the weight of it in a way that’s good for my back.

What's in My Bag for Graduate School?

First section: binder, notebook, planner, any books I need for class, and laptop if necessary – I have a binder for each of my classes (I only take 2 a semester), but I use a 3-section notebook for both of them. That way, I never bring the wrong notebook to class. I use the other section for the big assignments for my classes (like outlines for papers) and sometimes for writing I do for myself. I try not to bring my laptop to class because it adds extra weight and makes it easy to get distracted during class.

What's in My Bag for Graduate School?

Second section: wallet, pens, journal, and book I’m currently reading – These are the things that I need every school day, but they’re smaller than the other items in the previous section. Carrying the book I’m reading with me is great for if I get to school early, which depends a lot on if the T is running on time. (I talked more about my reliance on the T in my post about a day in my life.) I get motion sickness, so I can’t read a traditional book while trekking over to school, and instead listen to Audible until I get there. I also bring a small journal with me pretty much everywhere because you never know when writing inspiration will strike. I do try to keep the writing for myself here rather than in my school notebook because then I’m more likely to find it when I’m looking for it.

What's in My Bag for Graduate School?

Third section: medication, inhaler, snacks, portable charger, pen grip, sunglasses, and my disabled parking permit – It’s important to bring these things with me because a) I need to carry some of my meds with me generally because of when I need to take them and b) I’m gone for at least 5 hours. Portable charger and snacks and super important for that amount of time! I’ve also started carrying my disabled parking permit with me because most people don’t think that I’m disabled and either won’t give me a seat if I ask for it or will yell at me for it. My parking permit actually has my license picture on it, so if I show them that, they will know that it’s mine. This will hopefully allow me to get a seat and therefore reduce my pain. (Yes, I know that this picture doesn’t have everything I generally carry in that pocket of my bag. My bad!)

What's in My Bag for Graduate School?

Outside section: lipstick, screen wipes, hand sanitizer, Vogmask, headphones, hand lotion, etc. – These are all the little things that I need easy access to. The lipstick, headphones, and hand lotion is pretty self-explanatory, but the rest isn’t necessarily. Since I’m on medications that suppress my immune system, I need sanitizing wipes to clean my phone and hand sanitizer to deal with all the germs of the T and being on a college campus. I also carry my Vogmask with me in case someone on the T or near me on campus is sick.

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