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Looking Back at 2014

Happy Monday! I’m (obviously) back from my Christmas vacation, and today I’m looking back at the past year.

Looking back at 2014 - Kate the (Almost) Great


I started the new year off with a new blog design (this current one), an infusion, and traveling back to Nashville. It was my second semester of my first year of teaching. I also had a very upsetting moment where a woman parked illegally in a handicapped parking spot and then yelled at me, which resulted in sobbing in a parking lot.


I went to the opera, where I saw some famous people, and had a very distressing appointment with someone who was supposed to be my rheumatologist in Nashville. I chose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day and revealed the impact God has on my journey with chronic pain.


March meant the beginning of spring in Nashville, which was sorely needed after a much colder winter than in years past. I talked about how I am glad for the negative experiences I had with my health, went through a breakupstarted the Self-publishing Sunday series, and reached 1000 followers on Bloglovin.


This was a very high-stress month because of the End of Course exam approaching. I did little other than work and sleep, but my sister came to visit for Easter!


My infusion and my students’ exam approached and my anxiety became worse and worse. I dislocated my knee and discovered that I had already dislocated it many more times than I knew. Oh, and I survived my first year of teaching!


I went up to Boston for a few weeks, celebrated my birthday, and had an infusion. I returned to Nashville at the end of the month after a successful New England trip.


I spent most of July feeling miserable. My pain was extremely high, and the result was that at the end of the month I quit. Other than that and my plans for the next few months, very little happened for me.


At the beginning of the month, I reintroduced myself and moved up to Boston. I started what I call Project Kate and spent about 10 days in Maine.


In a thrilling turn of events, I began a love affair with smoothies. I also made my space here more homey and finally got a surgery date to fix my knee.


Probably the biggest part of October for me online was my Arthritis Week series for World Arthritis Day. Offline, it was all about the GRE subject test in literature and studying for the GRE general test.


November was pretty exciting for me! I announced that I am a Cure Arthritis Ambassador for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, celebrated Thanksgiving with good friends and family, and started the Spoonie Spotlight series.


I finished the testing for the graduate applications and got my first one in and spent the holidays up in Maine with my family!

Thank you so much for supporting Kate the (Almost) Great in 2014!

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