A Bostonian’s Favorite South End Boston Restaurants

I have lived in Boston’s South End neighborhood for nearly five years now, and it seems like both an eternity and a blink of the eye. In that time, I’ve applied for, gotten into, and graduated from grad school. I’ve had four surgeries and developed two new illnesses. I’ve started working at three separate jobs and finished two. And while I haven’t gone out to eat as often as some, I have eaten at a lot of South End Boston restaurants in the last five years. So today I’m taking about my favorite ones.

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A Bostonian’s Favorite South End Boston Restaurants

Aquitaine – This is easily my most-visited restaurant in Boston. I love it! Their website says, “This restaurant was designed in the ‘Bistro Moderne’ movement. The 1990s saw traditional bistros reinvented by chefs who had been formally trained in France’s more formal kitchens. They brought with them new, more advanced techniques and ideas and succeeded in reversing the decline of these old establishments. With our hearts rooted in historical french cooking techniques and our minds flying free with the contemporary cuisine of the future you are assured a meal that satisfies all your desires” (x). I go most frequently for brunch, at which I order a collection of sides due to my food sensitivities. My friends and family frequently go with their Prix Fixe Brunch, which includes a cinnamon roll and choice of omelette or French toast. As for dinner, I pretty typically order their steak frites. It’s divine.

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Frenchie – Right across the street from Aquitaine on Tremont Street, Frenchie “is a sit down, easy-going neighborhood wine bar accompanying people in their everyday lives all day long. It is a space to meet, share and savor life, designed for people to relax while enjoying a French inspired menu” (x). They are French in a more traditional way; many of their waiters are French. Last year, we went there for brunch coincidentally when the World Cup was happening and France was playing, and they had brought in a TV show show the game. But I digress. They also have delicious brunch! They have an extensive variety of egg dishes, as well as French toast and several cold brunch options.

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Stella – This is a restaurant that I’ve passed a zillion times and never went to until recently. And I’m kicking myself for not going sooner! It’s absolutely delicious. And, most exciting for me, they have a lot of dinner options that don’t require me asking for adjustments due to ingredients. For example, when I went for dinner at the beginning of May, I ordered the salmon with spaghetti squash. They didn’t have to cut anything out for my food sensitivities. It was just already free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and egg! That’s so rare. Then, we went there for Mother’s Day brunch and it was delicious. Guys – they have multiple potato options for brunch. MULTIPLE. They’re my kind of restaurant.

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Mike’s City Diner – This is a Boston institution, and for good reason. “Mike’s City Diner has been celebrated here in Boston and around the country as one of the best places to eat in America. Even President Clinton has eaten at Mike’s! The Food Network calls Mike’s Famous Pilgrim sandwich one of the five best Thanksgiving dishes in America, MSN named Mike’s the best diner in Massachusetts, and celebrity chef Guy Fieri routinely features Mike’s City Diner on his various Food Network programs” (x). And their portions are really huge, so come with an appetite! As a heads up, they don’t take reservations, so it’s first come, first served. And this really isn’t the place for a large group to get brunch together because there isn’t a ton of space; our group of 5 was about as big a group as would be comfortable, and we had to shout to hear each other. But it’s worth it because the food is so good!

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What are your favorite restaurants in Boston’s South End?

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    One of my favorite restaurants in Sound End of Boston is Mike’s City Diner! I’ve been going there at least twice a month. Lovin their sumptuous food. I usually bring my family with me.

    February 4, 2020 at 9:53 am
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