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Project Kate Update

I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s May and how drastically my life has changed over the past year. One year ago, the End of Course exam had just happened and my stress was significantly reduced. I was just a few weeks away from finishing my first year of teaching and excitedly looking ahead to the second. Because of course I would have a second year of teaching. I would have a whole career of them.

But, as you already know, things didn’t quite work out that way. And that’s okay; looking back, I know that it’s really for the best. It’s just weird to think about where my life was one year ago and where I thought it would be right now. After all, how do you make God laugh? You tell Him your plans.

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Physical Health
I’m doing okay! I had to have a cortisone injection about a week and a half ago because part of my knee had increased inflammation. In order to do my surgery, my doctor had to go through the fat pad on my knee. This heals slowly and painfully, and when you have an autoimmune disease that creates inflammation, it causes even more. I already take a lot of naproxen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, in high doses. I can’t take any more. So my other options were to wait it out or have a cortisone injection. When I told my rheumatologist, I was instructed to have the injection ASAP. The last thing we want is for my body to get back in the habit of creating inflammation. The infusion I have every 4 months stops the disease, but as it runs out over the next 2 months, inflammation will get worse.
I am recovered from the injection and am slowly but surely starting to feel better. I should feel even better within the next week as the injection does its magic!
Mental Health
I’ve started to feel my anxiety creeping back a little bit, so I’m trying to step up my natural remedies as much as possible. 
Grad School
I’m going to Boston College and have told them and everything! I’m very, very excited. Orientation things will be at the end of August, and once I get my class schedule, I will know if I start classes before or after Labor Day.
Work Plans
I started a new job! I now do administrative work 2 days a week at a biotech company in Cambridge. It’s perfect for me because it’s just 2 days, so I still have time to do my other work. But I am also making more money than my person projects (freelance writing and editing), so I can actually pay for grad school! That’s obviously very important.
Other Plans

Since I’m officially starting school in a few months, I’m trying to get my writing squared away before it starts. I have one exciting project that I’m announcing on Wednesday and I’m trying to finish the first draft of my next novel by the time school starts.

Overall, things are going really well and I’m very happy with my life right now. I feel so grateful to be feeling better and working. How was your weekend? 

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