Steps To Organize Your Life

Life does get busy. We all have work or school, as well as a home and friends to keep up with. In between medical appointments and other parts of daily life, it can be hard to fit everything in. You know where everything is too much? The trash always full. The car is out of gas. It’s hard to find time to unwind, too. So if you’ve decided that your life needs a little organizing, here is what you can do to get organized.

The first step is recognizing why things are so disorganized. Is it that you are at work a lot and don’t have the time to think about things in your home life? Do you just lack motivation? Once you have decided on the cause, you need to make a commitment to make a change. In doing this, you will probably have noticed what needs organizing. Is it things around the house that are the problem? Is it your social life and appointments? It can be easy just to say ‘everything needs organizing’ but that most likely isn’t the case.

The next step that I find useful is is making a to-do list or filling in a calendar. If things are written down, I am much more likely to get them done. Ticking things off a list is so satisfying, right? So take a few minutes to fill in what you need to do for the week. If you are crazy busy and need to remember a lot of things, then take a little time each evening. If you can make a list for the next day, the night before, you know exactly what you need to accomplish. Knowing what you need to focus on is a great way to get organized.

When you look at your to-do list, look at the things that could be simpler. Are there things that can be done in a different way? Say, for example, you need to get to your eye doctor to get new glasses or order contact lenses. As long as you know what your prescription is, have you ever thought about buying them online? There are a few things like this, that could be ordered online to save time, even groceries! It saves time from having to get out and physically visit a store. It is likely to save a little cash, too.

One major thing that I have had to learn is to be able to say no. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things to do. If you have overwhelmed yourself with all that you have to do, it can cause anxiety. This will only make you feel worse. So take it easy and if you have to cancel some commitments or plans, then do it. You can always recommit to them when you feel more on top of things.

What are some things that you do to help you get yourself more organized?

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  • Reply Taylor Corbett

    Love this! i have beenreading the life changing magic of tidying up, and it has amped my organization skills!

    February 25, 2016 at 9:03 am
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