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A Day In The Life

A question I get a lot right now is, “So, what are you up to?” What these people (family, friends, curious people I meet randomly, people making small talk, basically everyone) are really asking is, “So, since you’re not working, what is that you do all day?”

What I Do All Day - Kate the (Almost) Great

Sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 – Wake up, check phone, snuggle cat, make my way out of bed.

Until 9:00 – 2 cups of coffee, smoothie, Pinterest, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, etc. while watching the news

9:00 – First stages of getting ready for the day, yoga, meditation, take Piper (our King Charles cavalier spaniel) for a walk

Starting sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 – Study for the GRE. 5-6 days a week, I study for either the general GRE or the GRE subject test in literature. I alternate which test I study for and what part of the test I study. This is my September schedule:

GRE study calendar

So on Monday, I studied poetry. Tuesday it was arithmetic (is it embarrassing that I struggled with that?), Wednesday was literary history, Thursday was algebra (I was much better at that), and today it’s literary criticism. I spend at least 2 hours every day studying.

Sometime by 12:30 – Lunch

Afternoon – Finish getting ready (aka finishing my outfit and makeup) and then work. What this entails is different every day. It can mean what feels like a million emails, or writing posts and making images and scheduling promotions. Other days, it’s editing (have anything you need to be edited – college paper, college admissions essay, short biography, whatever?). Some days it’s writing. Sometimes it’s working on my writing website relaunch. Usually, it’s a combination of all of the above.

The afternoon is also when I tend to have different things scheduled. I’m volunteering at least one afternoon a week and I have different kinds of appointments. 3 afternoons this week, I had different appointments or commitments that took 2-4 hours.

I work right up to dinner every afternoon.

Sometime between 6:00 and 8:00 – Dinner

After dinner – Finishing any work that needs to be done that night and can’t wait until the next day. This is usually when I do video editing or any other fun and creative (or last-minute) things. Writing my to-do list for the next day. Watching TV or Netflix and plenty of social media.

10:00 – Get ready for bed, which includes bed-time yoga and meditation. I’m in bed (and hopefully asleep) by 11!

Hope that this explains a little more what I’m up to. I know sometimes I tweet or post things about being busy and working a lot, and I’m sure that some of you are just like, “Really? Aren’t you not doing anything right now?” While I’m not working a full-time (or even really part-time) job, I’m still doing stuff.

Two more things! 
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Two – I also want to introduce you to the awesome Caitlyn of ChemGradBoom

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