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Blog Binder Organization

When I first started blogging, I posted whenever I wanted to and about whatever was on my mind at the time. That worked for the first couple of months, but then I (permanently) moved to Nashville and started working, and I knew that if I was going to keep blogging regularly then I would need to be a bit more organized.

It took me a little while to get a system that worked for me to plan blog content. Here is what I finally settled on.

Plan Blog Content Kate the (Almost) Great

Blog Binder

I like the binder approach because it has all my information in one place. Easy to keep everything together, especially because I usually need to flip through different sections.

Month Plan – Editorial Calendar

I make a general plan a month in advance. If I know that I’m going to be going somewhere or doing something special, then I plan around that. After that, I add different topics to the days. What I mean by that is I assign a topic to the days I’m going to post, but don’t usually identify the specifics of that post until the week before. This way I can make sure that I’m not posting a lot of about the same topic in a row.

Week Plan

I plan specific post 2 weeks ahead of time. This lets me know what I need to prepare, such as taking photos or editing images. Once I have a week or tow planned out, I start drafts on Blogger with the potential title of the posts. I’ll jot down a few notes in the draft about what I want to include and anything I need to put in. 

Other Sections

My binder has multiple sections. I keep tracks of who I sponsor as well as who sponsors me, so that I can make sure that I’m doing everything I need to. I also keep track of analytics, which is especially helpful to compare statistics changes and to have handy. I have a couple pages of notes, too. They’re generally about blog tips, ideas for posts, or things to try out.

So this is how I do it. How do you keep your blogging organized?

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  • I keep a list going on my computer, but I like the idea of a physical binder! Might have to do that soon. 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips! I've been looking for a new way to organize stuff for Makeshift! great post love bug 🙂

    Makeshift Munch

  • I am impressed! I rarely plan my posts (i know, it's bad!) i really should!

  • I'd love to know how you track your sponsors/who you sponsor. I'm just starting out and it would be so helpful.


  • I'm realizing that if I don't keep a schedule on it and get more organized about how I handle my blog I'm never going to build the audience I want to, so I am definitely looking to get more organized. Thanks for sharing how you do it!

  • These are some great tips. I'm not super organized when it comes to my blog yet, which is strange for me because I am super organized in other areas of my life. I am hoping to get a system in place and I like how straightforward yours is. Thanks for sharing!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  • I love that! I try to keep a good list of link ups and draft things as I think of them, then move them around on a calendar plug-in for WordPress. I also try to keep a list of post ideas on my phone, for on-the-go. I think your organization plan is a lot better!

  • I love this plan. I have been struggling with motivation to get back on the blogging thing. i just don't know why it has been so hard for me.

  • UGH this is amazing! I need to really invest some time into planning and organizing my blog things. I'm so behind sadly :[

  • I like to keep everything in one place, so I basically use WordPress plugins to keep me organized. I have a calendar plugin so I can see what posts I have scheduled for when. I try to have my posts scheduled out as far as I can just in case I hit a run where I can't write as much (when Fibro pops up, or school gets in the way). My weekly schedule is consistent now with posts on Sun, Mon, Wed & Fri. Sunday is the only one I don't really post in advance, and usually write the week before based on something I've read that week that inspired me.

  • This sounds like a great ira and I loved reading the comments too. I need to get more organized about my blogging schedule.