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Blogging & Social Media Confessions

Bringing some blogging confessions to you today!

Blogging Confessions Kate the (Almost) Great

I confess …

… to feeling a bit of blogger’s block lately (especially from all of the writing, proofreading, images, promoting, social media, etc.) and needing a bit of a break, which is actually good timing since I’ll be taking a break shortly for my next infusion – let me know if you would be interested in guest posting, by the way!

… to breaking the Instagram “rule” of 1 picture a day unless something really exciting happens, such as a vacation or a holiday, on the regular.

… that I sometimes spend more time on Pinterest browsing than I do actually pinning things.

… that for every blog post I’ve written, I’ve rewritten it at least 2-3 times.

… and sometimes I’ve changed the topic more than once (today was one of those times, by the way).

… and that is also often true for social media.

… to comparing myself to other bloggers – how many followers they have, how many they have on different media sites compared to me, etc. – even though I know that it doesn’t really matter.

… to spending more than I probably should have on sponsorships early on.

… to occasionally making my life seem a bit better than it is.

… that sometimes I struggle to write about an original topic, because I don’t want to sound like all of the other bloggers out there, but nothing has been talked about like how I talk about it, right?

What are your confessions for blogging or social media?

Plus – my new video!

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